Saturday, May 28

28 May

Going in to work on the Saturday of any holiday weekend blows, especially when I have Riley and Reagan.  Oh well, no pity party for me, gotta make deals regardless.  Before I left though I had to have a little man to son talk this morning.  As I was sipping coffee I witnessed Riley walking around in his PJ’s.  No big deal, normally, but as I took it all in I thought, yep now is the time.  So we had a talk about pajama bottoms are cool but a t-shirt for the top but not matching look.  He just looked to big in that style PJ’s, long story short he understood and agreed. 

Now I’m at work, we have sold 2 units so far which is kind of slow compared to normal weekends.  We sold 5 last year on the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend.  The cloudy, gloomy look outside won’t make it easy to beat 5, but we will find a way.

This job is way too fun and creates its own humor.  As I type, we are working a deal with a guy who wants to trade in his Delorean for a Harley-Davidson and thinks we should trade even up.  Bahahahahahhaha.  This thing is so ratty it is hilarious, check out the plates.

I think that is the flux capacitor?

Finally, getting some more sales rolling writing up numbers 3, 4 and 5.  I had sat in my office for over an hour with no action, just moved to the tent under HotShots and all the sudden we are working more deals.  As an old baseball superstitious person, I guess I’m out here for a while until things slow back down.

  And while I stay here we have now witten up deals 6, 7, and 8.  Good grosses and satisfied customers!  Memorial Day Weekend is going to be a good one.  Can’t wait to get to my son’s baseball game.
Just got crazy busy and finished the day at 13 sold!!!  Winning!!!

So on my way to Riley’s game in Breese, IL what do I see? Yeah a pickup truck with tons of deer skulls in the bed. And they wonder how they get this backwoods reputation. My ex-wife moved my kids here and it is yet another reason we never were a match, ever!


Friday, May 27

27 May

Busy start to a beautiful morning,  in fact just now getting to the blog at 2:21 pm.  While driving in to work this morning I heard Woody and Rizz on 105.7 The Point talking about grilling out with Scott from and they were making ribs and food sound so good that I was hungry at 8am in the morning for ribs.  Well they were pimpin’ a place called Kenrick’s Meats & Catering and this item they sell called Ozark Grillers (sirloin wrapped in bacon with cheddar in the middle).  After pulling leads when I got to work, the owner called and was discussing the same show on air and told me he was craving the Ozark Grillers, long story short I left the store and drove 25 miles to Kenricks and sure enough their place was awesome. 

Knowing I have my kids for the weekend, I went all out.  I’ve got enough meat for the whole weekend and any of my guests fortunate enough to eat off of my grill.

On another note, listen to this link of Fred from Cheapo Depo reading “Baby Got Back” hilarious.  Really funny.

So far we have sold 6 units for the store, and we are gearing up for a big Memorial Day Weekend, we hope!

When I got back from running to Kenrick’s, my Yamaha representative, Tom Nemec, was here going over his monthly report.  I’ve got to get my customer satisfaction scores up, but I told him I don’t care about customer satisfaction (just to get a rise out of him).  After he spit up coffee, I told him all I care about is customer loyalty.  After all, loyal customers are much easier to satisfy.  Long meeting short, we will be hosting the Yamaha demo truck June 25th, it is rare that a dealer gets them to show up.  It should be a good day, especially teamed up with our Wet ‘n Wild event.

So, I just got an awesome email from a working partner, Chris Avolio, director of operations for HotShotss.  Our strategic alliance with Hotshots Bar and Grill has been a great one.  He is one loyal person, and I’m lucky to be on his team.

Blog Beginning!

26 May

My own blog, probably about time, considering how much goes through my mind each and every day.  Maybe this will help me stay organized or at least recall my thoughts from another day. 

The weather has not been great so getting attitudes in a good place has been challenging, but nothing I can not overcome.  We will sell a minimum of five units today, which keeps us well ahead of our May, 2010, pace. 

I’m ready to make this day happen.  Cheers!

Just approved two of our commericals that I cut on Tuesday to have running from now through the Month of June. 

Honda Spot:

June Calendar Girl Spot:

Our Harley-Davidson representative, Scott, is here giving us updates and all the gossip from other local Harley stores.